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Instant Curating Workshop 2009

About Netfilmmakers

by Annette Finnsdottir last modified Aug 24, 2015 02:56 PM
Netfilmmakers presents online exhibitions with digital art and network in many forms. We have worked innovatively within this field since 2004 as a non-profit art space. We collaborate with curators, artists and art spaces based in Denmark but also internationally.

What we do

  • Netfilmmakers is a platform to explore the possibilities of networked art.
  • Netfilmmakers is a network for developing and bursting the boundaries between the genres of moving images.
  • Netfilmmakers explores the internet as an artspace and as a subject and material for creating art.
  • Netfilmmakers provides access for users and spectators to current and past exhibitions of contemporary netart and netvideo.

Other services

Are you interested in workshops or consultancy? We provide tailored and creative workshops to interested partners. We are skilled and trained in ex. social media, IA, web communication and design. Please contact us to get more information.



Creative Director and Curator
Annette Finnsdottir
Mobile: +45 22747827



Exhibition Assistant
Visuals & Social Media
Ásta Þöll Gylfadóttir
Mobile: +45 61608933



Exhibition Assistant
Web, Video & Wizard
Hallur Þór Halldórsson
Mobile: +45 29907234



External Consultant
Stine Johanne Thiesen

Mobile: +45 23982996

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