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Annette Finnsdottir

Annette is the founder and director of Netfilmmakers since 2004. She has curated several exhibitions at Netfilmmakers and other galleries, museums and events in Denmark, but also in Europe and Asia. Annette Finnsdottir holds a M.A. in Visual Culture from Institute of Culture and Art Science, Universtity of Copenhagen with a BA in Film-and Media Science and Design. She is educated Screenwriter from the National Danish Filmschool and Multimedia Designer from MMI. She has a background as a performance artist and freelance screenwriter. Annette explores and developes the aesthetic, interactive and performative possibilities in user experiences and art working with sketching, prototyping, narratives and video as a design tool. The relation between spaces, processes, bodies and everyday-life is always present in her work. An undercurrent is the tweening spaces, the morphing bodies in transit from one condition to another - between and in realities. Currently she is assistant professor in Design & Conceptdevelopment & E-business at the PBA in E-concept Development, EASJ, Campus Køge.
Location: Copenhagen

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