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by Annette Finnsdottir last modified May 05, 2012 10:37 PM
by Lars Vilhelmsen video/blog, 2007
"Naked Kings are the last to laugh"

In the work ArtRoyal a small figure moves in a eyecatching cherry-red cloth across the lawn until the figure stands in the forefront ready to be photographed if somebody should catch an eye on him. But the groups of people streaming passed him in the fore- and background, only glimpses him, while they talk and laugh together.

With his long white hair the person gets close, the hair showing up to be a wig, badly worn; the goldcrown possible made of paper; a big cloth loosely wrapped around the naked body. A kostyme of a king, a reminder of the story 'The Emperors new clothes'. The whole scenario is mirrored with a baroc symmetry, where the King is devided into two and then again melted into one in the middle.

(from the worktext: Naked Kings are the last to laugh by curator and artintermediary Anja Raithel)

Read more at KUNSTEN.NU (text in Danish):

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