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by Annette Finnsdottir last modified May 05, 2012 11:52 PM
by Sandra Becker 01 Blog, 2007

breaking point - fragments for a novel

This work is about the process of a still non existing book.

Sometimes a situation changes life from one moment to the other. It seems not possible to explain what happened. People around oneself cannot follow up experiences that take place in such a short time. A breaking point is a radical change. It is the beginning for a novel.

As people did not believe my story I started to keep it for myself. My life became a secret. Later they can read a book.

Who knows what is real? How to define wheather a story really took place or is made up? Does that matter at all?

Reality happens on hundreds of different levels. Experiences are linked but also they stand for themselves. It is not possible to develope a narrative line that is complete.

While writing new worlds are created. Experiences can train you until the impossible and they can kill you.
Chocolate might help they said at the office.

Everybody can continue their story. Everybody can continue your story. Their story becomes your story. Your story becomes their story.

It is about fragments of life.

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