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by Annette Finnsdottir last modified May 06, 2012 03:36 AM
by Kassandra Wellendorf Interactive netfilm, 2006
You activate the film by roll over with the mouse on the two different images. The faster you move the cursor, the faster the film moves back andforth in its loop.

The film is shot on HDCAM and imported as DV material in Final Cut Pro. I then made two loops and exported them as QuickTime movies compressed with H264. The programming of the interactivity was by Brennan Young using TotallyHip's Live Stage Pro.

The subject of both clips, Bill, is dying from Cancer, I filmed him in the last days of his life, when he was lying at home in a bed. He seemed prepared to die, but it took him a lot of strength to talk and keep awake. All his movements were slow and exhausting. I wanted to capture this feeling in the filming of his movements. I did not want to leave him alone, on the other hand I was not always sure, whether he wanted to beleft alone or not.

The images are only alive, when you touch them - touch the skin of him. You have to keep making active movements in order to keep the images running. Otherwise they slowly die. As long as you don´t leave him alone, he is not dead yet, but keeps coming back to life over and over and over. The film captures a slash of reality – a “docu slash”. It stops time. This slice of time will exist for a long time. Your activity will unfold it and preserve it long after reality have gone and the man is dead.

Thanks to Peter Kristiansen, Ultralyd, P1

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