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My Friends. There is no Friend


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Netfilmmakers' 22nd Edition. Solo Exhibition with Taeyoon Choi (KR) Curated by Annette Finnsdottir/Netfilmmakers
Opening performance at Spanien 19C
Hacking Ikea, intervention at Ikea Malmø
Artist Talk at Det Jyske Kunstakademi (DJK)

The title “My friends, there is no friend” is borrowed from Jacques Derrida’s essay ‘Politics of Friendship’ where he quotes it from Aristotle who called it to a ‘saying whose origin seems to lose itself in the anonymity of time immemorial’.

The exhibition unfold in three parts, the first part was performances in the public spaces of New York City, Copenhagen and Aarhus, the second part is an installation of objects, drawings and video documentations in Spanien 19C, Aarhus and the third part will be online including documentations of performance/interventions.

The exhibition at Spanien 19C revolves around two thematic axis, firstly the conditions of affinity and intimacy explored in objects like IFriend and IDog and on the other hand, the limits of community, collectivity and the phantom of democracy explored in the opening performance and installed in the exhibition as a video projection. The sound track is a field recording from Occupy Wall Street movement in November 17th 2011. The urban noise and a sense of excitement about collectivity, resistance and production of alternative is captured in the sound.

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Hacking Ikea

Hacking Ikea

Intervention at Ikea Malmø by Taeyoon Choi Videographer: Henrik Vering December 2011

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