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by Annette Finnsdottir last modified Mar 26, 2011 12:38 AM
"The Whole Month Catalog" by Tim Knapen, 2010. An artwork commissioned by Netfilmmakers for the online exhibition "Private Bits [Personal Data Exposed]" curated by Carl Emil Carlsen
I’m a collector. I always carry a sketchbook to record little ideas and I keep an archive of things that interest or inspire me.

I’ve tried to capture that unordered collection of thoughts, places and objects, presenting them in a manner similar to the way I encounter them on a day to day basis. The result is a kind of visual diary that contains memories, ideas and souvenirs from the near past. An online time capsule containing my world during one month.

Props from my day to day life create a virtual set that you can browse like a flea market: you just wander around and take a closer look at the objects that catch your eye. Like walking around in a sketchbook.
A kind of online time capsule to remember my April 2010. Step inside, first-person-shooter style and have a look around.

You don't get the whole story, just little fragments that let you piece the rest together yourself.

The title “The Whole Month Catalog” comes from Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalogs that were published around 1970.
The Whole Earth Catalog appealed to me because of it’s naïve goal of trying to have an index of everything on the planet. Stewart Brand described the idea to J. Baldwin like this: ‘I want to make this thing called a "whole Earth" catalog so that anyone on Earth can pick up a telephone and find out the complete information on anything. ...That’s my goal.’ (from

I love that idea.

Processing Applet in html page. (I had to relearn my processing skills again, because lately I've only been working with OpenFrameworks and this doesn't work online.)
tools: Custom java OBJ linedrawingsloader, Illustrator, Blender, OpenFrameworks .svg to .obj converter

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