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Levels of Learning

by Annette Finnsdottir last modified Apr 06, 2012 04:11 PM
Interactive netart, SWF format, 36k, 2008 by Brennan Young

"Levels of Learning" uses the same visual language as "The Reverse Game" from the first Tenselessness theme. It consists of an edited text by Gregory Bateson, from "The Logical Categories of Learning and Communication", 1964, which describes communication, learning, and even evolution in terms of a hierarchy of learning levels: How do we encounter stuff to learn (level 0), how do we remember that stuff (level1), how do we improve our the way we remember (level 2), and how do we improve the way we improve (level 3).

The text is only visible as individual words, and only then when the user follows a 'dot' elsewhere on the screen with the mouse cursor. This causes a split of perception, and adds a 'stressful' element to the reading of the text (learning 0) process, while developing the 'skill' (learning 1) of following a moving object while looking elsewhere (training the peripheral vision). The anticipated result is learning 2 - a sense of knowing how to know, and learning how to learn, which must be in place before any spiritual, psychological or genetic development (learning 3)can take place.

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