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"Memory Disorder" by Silas Fong

Press Release

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Press Release for Netfilmmakers' 21. exhibition "The Order of Things" featuring new works by Hong Kong based artists Chilai Howard, Morgan Wong and Silas Fong.

‘’The Order of Things’’
Net video art from Hong Kong
Netfilmmakers 21st edition
Opening: Saturday, March 26, 14:00-15:30hrs Copenhagen  (21:00-22:30hrs Hong Kong)
Venue: Kopenhagen Art Institute, Ny Carlsberg Vej 68 (Videotage, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Kowloon)

The 21st edtion of Netfilmmakers online gallery opens the window towards the East, more specifically the city of Hong Kong. Three young artists from Hong Kong will deliver their version of new net-based video art.
Under the title “The Order of Things” one can find three brand new works of art produced specially for the Netfilmmakers online gallery.
The launch of the new edition is marked as an afternoon-event at the Kopenhagen Art Institute with a live webcast from Hong Kong. The three Hong Kong based artists, Chilai Howard, Morgan Wong and Silas Fong will participate in the event .

Hong Kong is culturally a vibrant and incredibly interesting city. Officially Hong Kong is part of China but in its own understanding the city maintains integrity as a unique, global metropolis driven by a progressive belief in technological innovation, strong awareness of the potential of new media and the global flow of capital.  
The 21st edition of Netfilmmakers asks the question of how to understand “order” and structure in the global cultural intersection. This calls for a reflection upon values, identity and history.

The three invited artists represent young and strong individual voices on the current Hong Kong scene of video and media-art. They have chosen widely different thematic and conceptual approaches to the project. Each has found a clear, unique and sometimes humorous path.
Silas Fong playfully investigates the principles of how one finds videos and images in the (dis)order of the internet. In his work he thematises not only how we organise and store images but also how we recall them both personally and technologically.
In his contribution Morgan Wong plays with the idea of permutation. Permutation is a process that involves reordering of elements in a given order. An example is an anagram where reordering the letters in a word creates a new word. The process of permutation involves a systematic investigation of possible orders - if not all possible orders. Maybe artistic practice can be understood as a process of permutation - a realisation of possible orders?
Finally Chilai Howard works with the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious. He asks how we create our image of reality and how we think of ourselves in this image. While we understand ourselves in one way we might actually be governed by another.

“The Order of Things” is curated by Zeenath Hasan and Rune Søchting.
Besides Kopenhagen Art Institute that hosts the opening of the online-exhibition in Copenhagen the media-art institution Videotage co-presents the event in Hong Kong. Videotage has for a decade been an important independent organiser of video- and mediaart in Hong Kong. A live online link to Videotage will be established for the event supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
Netfilmmakers is an online gallery that has existed since 2004. With the 21st edition the website is relaunched in a new design.

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