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Gazira Babeli

Gazira Babeli (SL)

by Annette Finnsdottir last modified Mar 15, 2011 04:40 PM
Artist, performer and filmmaker in Second Life

Gazira Babeli (SL)

(Second Life since spring 2006)

In September 2006 she published records of a number of "non authorized performances" on the web, capturing the attention of art critics and artists. Artists above all. She then became part of Second Front, a new international group of artists/performers dedicated to the formal, aesthetic, cultural and social exploration of a reality dubbed "virtual".
She was involved in the launch of the first native artistic community in Second Life: Odyssey.
In April 2007, after filming the movie/performance Gaz of The Desert, she staged an exhibition entitled [Collateral Damage]. The show, which gathered a year of work an d experiences, was visited by over one thousand "real" people.
Her work has attracted the attention of publications such as El Pais, La Stampa, Liberazione, SPIEGEL ONLINE, Exibart, Kunstzeitung, CIAC and Flash Art.

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