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János Vetö

János Vetö (HU)

by Annette Finnsdottir last modified May 06, 2012 01:46 AM
Intermedia pioneer artist, world citizen

Born 1953 in Budapest, Hungaria
lives in Copenhagen, DK

Hungarian born intermedia pioneer artist, world citizen. In his experimental and artistic works he has used photography, painting, film, video and music, as a expression tool.

Cofounder in the 80 of the legendary underground pop group "Trabant", and the experimental Hymnus and Apropo-film-foto-cartoon-orchestra.

Lives in Copenhagen with his family and works in the Danish Red Cross Culture House, where he teaches music and arranges exhibitions, concerts and poetry events. His actual music group The United Dream of Nights is a duo with I.E.Vincze viola player who is a doing of the intuitive music in Denmark.

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