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What Lies Beneath...?


by Asta Gylfadottir last modified Aug 30, 2013 01:59 PM
Kassandra Wellendorf has teamed up with the interaction designer Daniel Skaale for this project, which will be activated by actual drain covers located outside the Nikolaj Kunsthal. The application will be launched at Culture Night, accompanied by an extensive program during the event itself, where the artists and Netfilmmakers collaborators will be present, only to be followed by an inspiring workshop in the following week, during the autumn brake.
The application is intended to engage children and their imagination and play with their fantasy by adding a fantastical computer generated layer on top of the real world by way of the iPad camera application.

The project Kassandra Wellendorf and Daniel Skaale have been working on for Netfilmmakers’ upcoming BUGS exhibition is an augmented reality application for iPad, called CREEPS (KRYB). The application is intended to engage children and their imagination and play with their fantasy by adding a fantastical computer generated layer on top of the real world by way of the iPad camera application. When the app has been downloaded, the children will be able to view and discover the world beneath the drain covers, otherwise hidden to the naked eye, by way of the camera on the iPad.

After the launching, users will be able to print out A4 versions of drains from the Netfilmmakers website and play with the application anywhere.

Kassandra Wellendorf is a media artist and film director, and holds a master degree in Visual Culture. She has created and directed experimental films and interactive video installations for children and adults alike. In 2010 she directed an animated series for children called Big Laundry (Storvask), which aired on the Danish National Television Network, DR.

Daniel Skaale is an interaction designer. He holds BA in performance design and a master in Visual Culture. He has worked with 3D modelling, programming and webdevelopment as well as having written his thesis on augmented reality.
Previously, Skaale og Wellendorf have worked together on the project InsideOut2400 with an Augmented Reality application called Ears Inside (ørerne indenfor) (

We are really excited to hear more about the experiences and fantastical games that this application will spark in kids, and witness their reaction to the world as it a appears in CREEPS, hopefully inspiring curiosity and imagination in a playful way. Mixed realities will become a fact in digital production like this one, and among the things that are so intriguing about augmented reality experiments, is the possibility of combining digital creations with a familiar reality. Instead of taking the viewer to a digital world existing only within the parameter of the screen, the computer-generated images form a layer on top of the world at hand — i.e. your immediate surroundings. Augmented reality productions often aim to add a digital layer containing information on top of the more familiar “real world” setting. Wellendorf and Skaale’s application, however, produces a fantastical rendition of the shadowy world beneath the drain covers we tread on every single day. The computer-generated animation introduces a world full of characters, sounds and images that might very well stem from the fantasy of a five-year old child.

At the moment this development is expanding rapidly, with several interesting reality augmented information applications coming up, making use of location services and geo-tagging, which offers new possibilities of experiencing, sharing and accessing crowd-sourced information. A number of artists have been experimenting and doing interesting experiments with the technology, virtual sculptures, (unseen sculptures hidden tags, Interactive graffiti (as this exhibition in MOMA and this coming up in Toronto :

The technology offers so many creative possibilities, and we look forward to follow the progression of Kassandra and Daniel’s project in the upcoming months.






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Aug 31, 2013 03:48 AM

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