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Exploding head


by Annette Finnsdottir last modified Aug 08, 2013 07:54 PM
Thomas Ryder is currently working on MIMICS, the upcoming art game curated by Netfilmmakers.
Posted by Annette Finnsdottir at Jun 11, 2013 12:20 AM | | Add comment

While working on the game, Thomas is documenting visually interesting bugs on an ongoing basis. The bugs mostly create chaotic imagery but occasionally a bug mutates a game scene into a strange abstract work of art.

Mutation 2

Mutation 1


The most frequent bug is misplacement of objects, like face elements and body parts. Objects are placed by typing in their coordinates in code which is why they’re often misplaced.

Mutation 3

Mutation 4

Two characters are accidentially merged into a mutant cyclops. This scene also shows how a scene looks before it has been properly colour-adjusted.

Mutation 5

Mutation 6

A rare, but visually interesting bug occurs when an object accidentally starts reproducing itself. In this scene, the hand holding the bottle enters the scene from the left side of the screen. A bug makes the bottle create a copy of itself each frame. Each copy also copies itself, so the number of copies doubles each frame. This is exactly how a virus works, so it’s no surprise that this makes the game crash within a few seconds.

Mutation 7

mutation 8

All characters in the game consist of a head, two eyes and a mouth. In this scene a bug makes all three elements create copies of themselves which then starts to move upwards. A new strange character emerges from the mutation, who is almost not human anymore.

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