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Annette Finnsdottir (DK/IS)

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Curator, Artist and Educator

Annette is the founder and director of Netfilmmakers since 2004. She has curated several exhibitions at Netfilmmakers and other galleries, museums and events in Denmark, but also in Europe and Asia.

Annette Finnsdottir is passionate about exploring and developing aesthetic, interactive and performative possibilities in digital user experiences. Her focus is on playful experience design, digital art, open culture, new
approaches to business development and technology.

Learning processes, hands on and teaching is a boost. She is very interested in improving the learning and study environment and develop lectures, workshops, projects and curriculums.

She work with sketching, digital and physical prototyping, narratives and video as design tools and in user research the importance of co-creation processes, meetings and observations.

Her heart belongs to digital art as an artist, curator and producer in Netfilmmakers. Recent project has been BUGS (2013), where Netfilmmakers produced 3 art apps including MIMICS Game ( and OPEN WIRE, (2014) a digital art exhibition in public space (

Annette Finnsdottir holds a M.A. in Visual Culture from Institute of Culture and Art Science, Universtity of Copenhagen with a BA in Film-and Media Science and Design. She is educated Screenwriter from the National Danish Filmschool and Multimedia Designer from MMI. She has a background as a performance artist and freelance screenwriter.

Currently she is assistant professor in Design & Concept Development & Business Development at the PBA in Digital Concept Development, EASJ, Campus Køge.

Extern lecturer at Visual Culture from Institute of Culture and Art Science, Universtity of Copenhagen in "Kurator på Nettet" 2008 and "Digital Praksis og Teori", 2009.

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